Anchoring Equipments

These equipment are used to anchor or “stay” the transmission poles to the ground to keep them steady in strong winds and other environmental damage. Generally a combination of these are used as a set. We manufacture all sizes and variations of anchoring equipments as per the customer’s requirements and have extensive experience, having supplied these throughout the world and as per leading international and industry standards.

For anchoring, generally Stay Rods (Round Eye, Oval Eye or Thimble Eye) are used along with a Stay or Anchoring Plate (Square or Octagonal) and a Turnbuckle (Tubular or Conventional). Helically formed wire products and Stay Wire is also used in the assembly, with a Stay or Guy Insulator. We offer a one-stop solution for all the products and anchoring requirements.

We also supply other ancillary products such as Stay Straps, Stay Brackets, Stay Tightener, Thimbles, Wire Grips, Guy Clamps and Wire Clamps (Bulldog Clamp)

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